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Der Zeltweg - Italian Tapes Industrial Music 1982-1984 Vol. 2 (Record Store Day 2016 release)

Der Zeltweg - Italian Tapes Industrial Music 1982-1984 Vol. 2 (Record Store Day 2016 release)
Label: Mannequin
Nr kat.: MNQ081
Format: LP
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  • 01 Errata-s-corrige - Entropia.mp3
  • 02 Errata-s-corrige - Guano.mp3
  • 03 Gasdehyde - X.mp3
  • 04 Herpes-z - 43.mp3
  • 05 Herpes-z - Alter Ego.mp3
  • 06 Herpes-z - Sidi Barrani.mp3
  • 07 Herpes-z - Trauma.mp3
  • 08 Musumeci - Apologia-Musumeci (live Studio MK I).mp3
  • 09 The Psychopathic Blossom - Sial.mp3
  • 10 The Psychopathic Blossom - Inlansis.mp3
  • 11 The Psychopathic Blossom - Lu-du.mp3
  • 12 The Psychopathic Blossom - Emmy Hennings.mp3
  • 13 The Psychopathic Blossom - Trauma 81.mp3
  • 14 The Psychopathic Blossom - Potere Di Vetro.mp3
  • 15 The Psychopathic Blossom - Paura E Amore.mp3
  • 16 The Psychopathic Blossom - Siamo Disorientati.mp3
  • 17 The Psychopathic Blossom - Morte.mp3
  • 18 The Psychopathic Blossom - Ibridi Di Personalita.mp3
  • 19 The Psychopathic Blossom - Logica Bellica.mp3
  • 20 The Psychopathic Blossom - Diagramma.mp3


Mannequin Records is proud to present the second volume of 'Der Zeltweg - Italian Tapes Industrial Music 1982-1984', the legendary Musumeci's tape label existed for some few years in the early 80's. Edition of 500 copies on 160 gram black vinyl. Coloured Vinyl. While the A-side is filling all the music produced by some of their side projects (Errata-S-Corrige, Gasdehyde and Herpes-Z) that we already introduced in the first volume, plus an unreleased Musumeci very early studio track 'Apologia/Musumeci', the B-side is presenting for the first time the full reissue of 'The Psychophatic Blossom - Il Fantasma della Libertà' tape (Der Zeltweg 002), an unexpected guitar-bass-noises experimental album, permeated by philosophical declamations in Italian language and short pulsating rhythmic compositions. For a brief moment Turin was Italy’s Sheffield, producing an astonishing number of DIY electronic groups. In the context of a wider Europe, Italy has never been thought of as a hotbed of minimal electronic music, but Mannequin Records compilations Danza Meccanica: Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987 have shone a light on a scene little heard, even within Italy’s borders. Inspecting all the bands we released in the past years, Musumeci represents one of the most rare and unknown. But..the reissue of the two super rare demo tapes that they recorded in 1985 ("Schwarz Morgen") and in 1986 ("Zusammen") and a 12'' containing a couple of unreleased tracks plus a TRAXX edit, were just the beginning. Now the mission is terminated with the 2 volumes of 'Der Zeltweg- Italian Tapes Industrial Music'.



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