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Vibration Black Finger EP

Vibration Black Finger EP
Label: Enid
Nr kat.: ENID002
Format: 12"
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Vibration Black Finger - EP (Enid Records 2016) Lascelle Lascelles (aka Lascelle Gordon) is the man behind Vibration Black Finger. One of the house DJs at London's hipper-than-hip Wag Club in the 1980s (and ocassional A Certain Ratio's tour DJ), he went on to be one of the founder members of Acid Jazz pioneers The Brand New Heavies, staying with the band for five years. His next project Heliocentric World scored a chart hit for Gilles Peterson's Talkin' Loud, then he turned up behind the drum kit for indie darlings (and NME cover stars) Campag Velocet. He's gone on to appear or record with the likes of Mr Scruff, Beth Orton, Gossip, Trevor Jackson, Peaches and others. More recently he's been working with Le Volume Courbe and touring with James Holden, as well as forming astrojazz improv collective Woven Entity with fellow percussionist Patrick Dawes. He currently co-hosts a weekly show on NTS Radio, Music to Ease Your Disease. Vibration Black Finger has been a labour of love for Lascelle. Over the last few years he's been in and out of studios with an eclectic cast of trusted collaborators including improvising vocalist Maggie Nicols, RocketNumberNine drummer Tom Page, rising star saxophonist Julie Kjaer, and Ben Cowen and Frank Byng of Snorkel. This three track EP is a taster for more VBF releases (rumours are that there's enough material for a couple of albums).

While Lascelle says that his main inspiration for the project was his love of 70s spiritual jazz, Vibration Black Finger's music also has that post punk attitude - throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. In this case, it's pretty much all stuck.



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