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Charcoal Eyes: A Selection Of Remixes From Amsterdam (Record Store Day 2016 release)

Charcoal Eyes: A Selection Of Remixes From Amsterdam (Record Store Day 2016 release)
Label: 541
Nr kat.: 541416507607
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Placebo - Scene Of The Crime (Dave Clarke remix).mp3
  • 02 Maelstrom & Louisahhh! - Rough & Tender (Dave Clarke Ghotic Stripped Down mix).mp3
  • 03 The Soft Moon - Wrong (Dave Clarke remix).mp3
  • 04 Neon Judgement - TV Treated (Dave Clarke Gothic remix).mp3
  • 06 Gazelle Twin - Exorcise (Dave Clarke remix).mp3
  • 07 Amazing Snakeheads - Here It Comes Again (Dave Clarke remix).mp3
  • 08 Digital 21 & Stefan Olsdal - Rebellion (Dave Clarke remix).mp3
  • 09 I Am Kloot - These Days Are Mine (Dave Clarke remix).mp3
  • 10 A Place To Bury Strangers - Straight (Dave Clarke remix).mp3


Influential techno and electro icon Dave Clarke has put the finishing touches to a bold new remix project. Entitled Charcoal Eyes: A selection of remixes from Amsterdam, the collection will come out on vinyl & CD and includes comprehensive sleeve notes explaining back stories to each track, as well as a special two verse poem penned by Clarke himself. Now based in Amsterdam, long time English dance servant Clarke has been synonymous with an abrasive, full throttle brand of electronic music that he has showcased across hundreds of EPs, compilations and albums since the early nineties. Also a celebrated radio pioneer who helms his own long running White Noise show (which also spawned a label of the same name) he has recently finished building a new studio in Amsterdam where much of this work was completed. Charcoal Eyes finds Clarke taking on a diverse range of artists and adding his own fingerprint to a smorgasbord of sounds. From punk to new beat, fast rising modern day artists to sadly disbanded bands, a lot of ground is covered, but it is all tied together by the studio nous and singular style of this notoriously outspoken pioneer. Opening up with a crisp rework of Placebo, the collection touches every shade of techno and electro from slick and futuristic to dark and heavy. importantly, a semblance of the original artists intentions always remains and much like his previous remixes of everyone from Fisherspooner to Depeche Mode, many of these are sure to become cult classics.



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