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Stronger Love

Stronger Love
Label: Stamp
Nr kat.: STAMP006
Format: 12"
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  • b1 Stronger Love (Bruns 2016 dub).mp3
  • b2 Stronger Love (Frank Agrario remix).mp3


Stamp Records delve into the past for their next release, giving a new lease of life to one of Swayzak’s least characteristic and most sought-after tracks. Swayzak are true heroes of the UK underground, having clocked numerous seminal releases in the late 90’s and early 00’s straddling the grey area between House and Techno. ‘Disco Dub Plate Volume 2′ - originally out in 2000 - was an obvious anomaly in the duo’s discography, that has managed to forge a path of its own amongst a completely different crowd to Swayzak’s usual disciples. One cut from that EP, ‘Stronger Love’, is a carefully arranged marriage between a certain pair of quintessential AOR darlings and THE soul voice of the 80’s. Can we be more specific? No can do…It shouldn’t really work, but somehow it does! It’s been caned by many a Balearic DJ over the years, including Mark Seven who included it in his mythical ‘Originals’ compilation, where it holds its ground amongst other Balearic heavyweights. As an added bonus for this 2016 edition we’re treated to two brand new mixes ! Frank Agrario teases in bits of the original making for his chunkier version that is aimed squarely at the dancefloor, while Brun (1/2 of Swayzak) delivers a bang up-to-date dub that keeps its elements to the bare minimum, building into a deep hypnotic house chugger.



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