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Trust The Guide And Glide (gatefold)

Trust The Guide And Glide (gatefold)
Nr kat.: LR074
Format: 2LP+MP3
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  • 01 O`Cean Dream.mp3
  • 02 Unfolding Atlantis.mp3
  • 03 Venusian Sunset.mp3
  • 04 Love`s Harp.mp3
  • 05 Elven Invitation.mp3
  • 06 Dune Enigma.mp3
  • 07 The Vessel The Voyage.mp3


It’s Now! Eternally! Easy, Tender, Loving Sound. The Guide is You. The Glide is Life. Be Yourself, Live Fully - That’s what the Vibrations are Encouraging, Echoing, Waving, Glowing, Singing, Rippling, Radiating. Matthewdavid’s Mindflight is Heart Music. It’s a record of beauty that has evolved from explorations into his deepest emotions, visions and imagination. The Flights were most directly inspired by his profound connection with Michael Stearns’ Planetary Unfolding (Continuum Montage 1981). You can feel that Trust is it’s Brother. Stearns speaks of Dreams, Resonance, Unity, and Ecstasy. Matthew adds that this journey has been one of Healing, Discovery, Finding, and Transformation. The two and their kindred are wondrous Sonic-Energetic-Midwives helping to usher in this age of Expanded Consciousness. The process and source are Extra and Terrestrial, Synthesized, Improvised (Live on Dublab Radio) Meditations. Sourced from the well of spiritual expression, these recordings were further realized in Abelton. You’re flying through the mystical world of Gilbert William’s cover, the software technology is dancing with circuitry, Flute, Harp, Hulusi, Water, Sonar, Quasar, and microtonal language are Tied and Dyed in the moment. The Mind is programmed by the Heart. With an open Heart the Mind can apply our gifts. I asked Matthew what he’s seen on / in his Mindflights: “Unconditional Love! Stillness - Centeredness,” he replied. “I’ve seen and felt my ancestors, I’ve heard the songs of humanity . . .” Welcome, Listen, Hear, Here, Now, Celebrate! Joyously Written with Trust the Guide and Glide on repeat, Tuesday, December 8, 2015, in Woodland Hills, California - Carlos Niño

• LA-based composer/producer and founder/boss of Leaving
• As an artist, producer, and label-head has received highprofile
media coverage from L.A. Times, Pitchfork, L.A.
Weekly, L.A. Record, VICE/Noisey, + many more.
• Has released two full-length albums with Flying Lotus’
Brainfeeder label imprint, collaborated on various productions
with Flying Lotus for WARP records and Brainfeeder records.
• International audience and touring in Japan, Russia, Europe



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