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Sativa Edits Vol.1

Sativa Edits Vol.1
Label: Nettles
Nr kat.: NETT002
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Lipstick N Blushin.mp3
  • a2 Bed Sores.mp3
  • b1 Alicia Love James.mp3
  • b2 For Taki 183.mp3


Release 2 on Red Rack’ems new sample heavy ‘from the vaults’ vinyl only label Nettles comes from Australian B Boy house-head Jules Inkswel. Nettles is all about releasing the CDR specials that Red Rack’em has been dropping in his club sets over the years and he first heard the tracks on this release in 2012 when staying in Melbourne with Jules while on tour in Australia. Music was shared, drunken fights ensued and donuts were thrown in faces. The tracks lay forgotten for quite a while in a folder called ‘Inkswel Stuff’ until recently when Rack’em began to play them out and the response was totally off the chain. So in the spirit of getting the good onto the streets again - here’s Inxxxwels Sativa Edits Vol. 1! Lipstick N Blushin is the audio encapsulation of Desperately Seeking Susan being trapped in an elevator with Mesopotamia era B52s sound tracked with strictly analogue gear. Proper NYC coked out doe eyed schlocky vibes right here. Bed Sores is some old school Enjoy era disco rap being chopped up for maximum dancefloor potential. Alicia Love James is a big room boogie soul banger which never fails to rock the spot. For Taki 183 is a street tuff trip back in time. Heavy beats and rhymes combine to give dancefloor some shine.



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