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Deep Love 100

Deep Love 100
Label: Dirt Crew
Nr kat.: DIRT100
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Detroit Swindle - Tori Karaag.mp3
  • 02 Felix Leifur - Feels Like.mp3
  • 03 Harry Wolfman - Rainbow Set.mp3
  • 04 Huerta - BLVD.mp3
  • 05 Jun Kamoda - I Know.mp3
  • 06 Nachtbraker - Busy Bee.mp3
  • 07 Marlon Hoffstadt - Extra Slim Manufactured.mp3
  • 08 Good Guy Mikesh - Boiling.mp3
  • 09 The Revenge - Narrow Hatch.mp3
  • 10 Ponty Mython - New York, New York.mp3
  • 11 M Ono & Luvless - Whopa.mp3


Dirt Crew’s 100th release falls on this year’s Deep Love Compilation. Set to drop across a double vinyl on 12.09, with 11 all exclusive original tracks from new and old favourites including Detroit Swindle, Nachtbraker, The Revenge and Felix Leifur. Take a sonic trip across deep and straight up house, infused with jazz, disco and funk. This diverse and plentiful outing includes work outs for your dance floor alongside intergalactic analogue synth laden voyages, originating from artists we’ve uncovered from Japan to Iceland and many places in between. A truly great way to celebrate our 100th Release. We kick things off with a relatively new kid on the Dirt Crew block, Felix Leifur. Following up his stellar EP, the Icelandic prodigy brings us “Feels Like", a great broken beat like house cut laden with jangly percussion, warbling Rhodes and golden vocal hook, Phat! Detroit Swindle, long time friends and contributors to the label who have become a household name in the house scene and are no strangers to the dance floor weapon, have brought us a bomb. “Tori Karaage” is a driving, sweat inducing, disco house, dance floor mover. Ponty Mython is back with his trademark hustle and quirky sonic styling. A bouncing, intelligent and catchy groove rises with cries of “New York, New York” then gives way to a great break and spiraling arpeggio before getting right back to it. Get freaky with another one of our residents Nachtbraker, who delivers an a-typical groove and fresh approach to deep house. “Busy Bee” is heavily swung with licks of jazz piano, strummed strings and a soaring horn ...






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