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Euro Edits Vol. 1

Euro Edits Vol. 1
Label: Kat
Nr kat.: KAT031
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Agent Yuri.mp3
  • b1 Mr Hero.mp3
  • b2 Be My Lova.mp3


Release no 31 finds KAT Records on a European tour with 3 reworks based on 80’s Belgium, Italy & Germany disco & new wave with man of the moment Moscow producer Phil Gerus (FutureBoogie, Sonar Kollektiv) taking centre stage. Well, 3 really obscure one’s here from KAT with Mr Gerus pulling no punches - 80’s Soul, (punk) funk, disco, synth pop & new wave are just some genre’s that may well get thrown around here but as ever with KAT, quality prevails. We’re going to do a sneaky one here and protect the names of the originals (jus’ cause we can!) but suffice to say, these are ace! Agent Yuri is a mid-tempo boogie melter with buckets of soul - A killa groove, silky tinkling piano and a vocal that could sink ships - Pure summer lovin’ and then some. When we mention ‘pulls no punches’ then Mr Hero is what we mean - Full on, no holds barred 80s Belgian new wave bordering on punk/funk with raging guitars to boot - A real grower and when heard on a decent sound system we won’t be held responsible for any outlandish actions that may well prevail. Be my Lova couldn’t be more Italian if it tried apart from the fact that it’s actually German ! Italo vibes with super bloody marvellous vocal, synth’s all over the show with a chorus more catchy than the common cold.



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