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The Mike Maurro Peak Hour Mixes Vol. 4

The Mike Maurro Peak Hour Mixes Vol. 4
Label: Brookside
Nr kat.: BROOKSIDE04
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Dance Turned To Romance (Mike Maurro edit).mp3
  • b1 Nights Over Egypt (Mike Maurro edit).mp3


Another pair of underground Disco dance classics get treated to the MM reworking magic! Both these edits are exclusive to this 12″ and have never before been released in any format!! Detroit natives The Jones Girls have long been loved for their musical output, during their long and successful career they’ve released a slew of well known and classic material since the early 1970’s and have worked with a host of legendary artists including Leon Haywood, Lamont Dozier, Curtis Mayfield, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and many many more. NYC’s edit king Mike Maurro may not have been around as long as them but he has skilfully woven his magic with 2 of the girls’ biggest club jams, gently reworking from the master tapes respectfully he’s delivered 2 stunning edits of “Dance turned into a romance” and “Nights over Egypt". “Dance turned into a romance” on the a-side was originally released on Philadelphia International in 1980 and is a bonafide slow burner, Mike has the crisp drum break upfront in the mix, making it perfectly mixable and setting the tone for the deep bass guitar licks to creep in. This wonderful rearrangement suddenly gives way to the slick piano, guitar and of course, those Philly strings! Originally written and produced by the legendary Gamble and Huff team this is classy stuff. Beautifully edited here by MM, retaining the feel of the original composition yet adding a welcome 2016 twist! “Nights over Egypt” - a true blue club classic, takes up the b-side! This one should need no intro, another solid piece of gold from the Philly International archives from 1981. This time the girls team up with Philly genius Dexter Wansel for a smoothed out slice of Disco dripping with sophisticated Jazz sensibilities. Here, Mike uses what sounds like some alternative takes from the studio session and succeeds in rearranging an all time classic jam with class! We are treated to a nice long instrumental intro with flourishes of Rhodes, strings and super tight, snapping drum ...



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