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The Mike Maurro Peak Hour Mixes Vol. 3

The Mike Maurro Peak Hour Mixes Vol. 3
Label: Brookside
Nr kat.: BROOKSIDE03
Format: 12"
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  • a1 George Duke - I Want You For Myself (Mike Maurro extended remix).mp3
  • b1 Jackie Moore - This Time Baby (Mike Maurro mix).mp3


Another pair of underground Disco dance classics get treated to the MM reworking magic! “This Time Baby” is exclusive to this release and never before released. Both edits are 100% official and licensed from Sony Music Group. Jazz funk synth master George Duke’s absolutely stellar “I want you for myself” gets teased out into a monster extended 8 minute plus dance-floor killer! As usual Mike has treated the track with the utmost respect, touching on all the right elements he extends everything in just the right way with the DJ’s and dancers planted firmly within his mind. A beautiful edit, the track just oozes class! “I want you for myself” was already a hugely loved classic and this 2016 reworking will only help to solidify in the minds of old school Disco heads and newcomers alike! This cut has long been revered, getting spins from DJ’s like Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage to our very own DJ Harvey (the track was an anthem at his infamous “Moist” parties in the early 90’s). Essential edit action here from one of the modern masters of the art-form! On the b-side lies another stone cold classic - Jackie Moore’s “This time baby” - this edit has never been released on any other format and is exclusive to this release - it’s yet another Loft/Garage anthem again touched up by Mike Maurro with love and respect! Originally perform by Philly legends The O-Jays Jackie’s version ramps the energy right up to the roof! A long time Chicago club staple that found it’s home in the hands of jocks like Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy Mike Maurro’s 2016 mix focusses on the amazing orchestration, piano refrain and percussion breaks, making it an absolute dream for DJ’s to mix with it’s dubbed out snatches of Moore’s vocals for almost 3 minutes before dropping us into the song full blast! A real Disco roof raiser and a beautifully executed mix that breathes new life into this track. If you’re a lover of all things DISCO, these edits will no doubt whet you appetite for more of Mike’s ...



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