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New Horizons (disc two)

  • Podwójny debiut - Radicalla w wersji niecyfrowej oraz nowej polskiej wytwórni. Pięknie wydana EP w dwóch częściach! Drum & Bass TIP!

New Horizons (disc two)
Nr kat.: PRCDRE001
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Get Ready.mp3
  • b1 New Horizons.mp3


New Horizons is a 4 tracker debut vinyl EP of Radicall, but the initial issue of Procedure Recordings as well. Hark! He knocks with a first song with such a title and that's a beginning of journey to new worlds, an undiscovered and exotic travel. Very positive vibrations and subtle voices will give us a lot of energy here. There might be storms, but the depth of the ocean is still there, unchanged. It sounds like we're very well prepared for that trip, so we switch to the Crystal song on B side. Classical roller accompanied by very appealing hint of uncharted unknowns, deeper drum and bass. This track is like a tip pointing the way, a pyramid which is presented on a disc label artwork. We continue followed by Get Ready on second disc. Liquid funky up-tempo number is tackled both lush bass and politically charged drums with equal flair. We're on our way, so fiddly-dee, fiddly-dum. On the back side another rush coming on. Melodic, trancestep inspired sound slowly replaced with deeper and atmospheric landscape - the New Horizons.

Radical is having produced quality Drum & Bass music since 2008 for labels such as Absys Records, Offworld Recordings, Soul Deep Recordings, Addiction Records and his own Nightworks Music. Here with this EP we also featured him on Procedure Recordings, a Warsaw based label established in 2016 as a project that comes from a passion to drum and bass music and vinyl records. This is the simplest procedure, an absolute exception, the least bureaucratic and the most related to underground culture. Name is derived as opposition to the rules defined by corporations and governments for the purpose of blocking any kind of initiatives through which they could lose part of their income, regardless of the good of society.


A Get Ready
B New Horizons






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