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Perfectly Normal Behavior EP

  • Ponownie bardzo tanecznie i miło na Kyoku. Plus remix by Paxton Fettel.

Perfectly Normal Behavior EP
Label: Kyoku
Nr kat.: KYOKU002
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Tender.mp3
  • a2 Jass.mp3
  • b1 Victory Lap.mp3
  • b2 Jass (Paxton Fettel Funkfever Cure).mp3


Dancing has been an intrinsic element of cultural development in every society on Earth, and has existed in multitudinous forms since time immemorial. For many, it is a pure expression of joy, a release of inhibition and a communal act of passion and celebration. For others however, it can induce self-consciousness and social anxiety which, combined with peer pressure or societal expectations, can lead to distress. Fortunately, there is a solution to this predicament, thanks to the tireless efforts of a Copenhagen based Groove expert in the early 90's. After extensive studies of dance styles throughout history, Rune Weise Kofoed was able to isolate a dance move which was not only as culturally universal as laughter, but also induced no adverse effects in even the most severe cases of dancer's anxiety. He called this move "Dorsi Plantar", and it instantly became so popular that it was commonly performed by those who had never heard of it. Its versatility was so great that it was appropriate for every genre of music, and its execution so straightforward and intuitive that it could be achieved by dancers of all ages and skill levels. For all these reasons and more, Dorsi Plantar is now the single most common dance move anywhere in the world, and is generally recognised as being "Perfectly Normal Behavior." Following the success of this dance revolution, Rune has gone on to create a musical movement of the same name. Like the dance move, this music has been developed through an exhaustive search of historical material, which had been carefully recorded onto vinyl for posterity. These records were collected and combined under the name Dorsi Plantar to create a new rhythmic creation with the same universal appeal and ease of enjoyment which made his infamous move such a huge success. Now, for the first time, Kyoku Records have been given the opportunity to present Dorsi Plantar's phenomenal creations as a collectible vinyl pressing, featuring an exclusive remix by Paxton Fettel. Simply place Dorsi Plantar's "Perfectly Normal Behavior" EP in an appropriate player and we guarantee that you will perform his signature move entirely by instinct.



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