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4 To The Floor Presents Fourth Floor Records

4 To The Floor Presents Fourth Floor Records
Nr kat.: FTTF004
Format: 2x12"
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  • 01 Fallout - The Morning After (The Aftermath).mp3
  • 02 Royal Orchestra LTD - How Do You Say Nastee (Itsa Jazzee Rhythm).mp3
  • 03 Arnold Jarvis - Take Some Time Out (club).mp3
  • 04 MODE - Get Into The Mode (Dud Mode).mp3
  • 05 Bamboo - It`s All In Your Mind (This mix).mp3
  • 06 Rhythm Faktor - Dream On (Organ Grinder mix - Luke Solomon Slight edit).mp3
  • 07 Love Root - Funky Emotions (Another mix - Luke Solomon Slight edit).mp3
  • 08 The Break Boys - And The Break Goes On (Westside Kick Ass dub).mp3


Fourth Floor was a major US player in supporting the London garage scene in the late Nineties. Responsible for very early releases from Todd Terry (known as Masters at Work at the time) the imprint also released seminal classics from Fallout, ‘The Morning After’ and Arnold Jarvis, ‘Take Some Time Out’, both of which made the cut for this double 12” release. Included on this 8-track package are some contemporary edits from Luke Solomon of Rhythm Faktor ‘Dream On’ (Organ Grinder Mix) and Love Root ‘Funky Emotions’ (Another Mix), plus outstanding records from Royal Orchestra, M.O.D.E., Bamboo and The Break Boys. 4 To The Floor presents Fourth Floor Records is part of the 4 To The Floor series and will be followed by a full digital release. Lovingly selected and compiled by Luke Solomon, the 4 To The Floor series also delves into the Movin’ Records, Sub-Urban, Faya Combo, Soulfuric and Slip ‘n’ Slide catalogues, digging for those lightbulb moments of musical discovery. Fulfilling his role as your friendly record shop assistant, Luke’s 4 To The Floor series comes correct with brand new vinyl LP collections and digital albums from these now legendary house labels, plus official label merch to accompany all of the releases, for that full rack-raiding experience.



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