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Jackname Trouble, for years, being among closest friends of Recognition. Over the course of past few years, he was generous enough to provide us with hundreds, if not thousands, of tunes, showing his fascination with many styles, but also carrying a common quality of cheerful insanity. “Learnt” is a selection of those productions, undoubtedly deserving to be saved from oblivion.

For me this material this is sort of a throwback to the kind of music I was working on years ago. Brought back into the present by Recognition, in a very literal sense of this word. Part of this session was recovered from the damaged hard drive, and sometimes the only available form was only an initial mix of average quality, without the possibility of further interference. Here goes a really big prop to dj600v, who was able to efficiently repair them.

Majority of these tracks were made back when I wanted to try a different music production approach, making some less dance-floor oriented, short form and more experimental material. I also wanted to spend less time making tracks, trying to finish them up fast instead of spending loads of time changing them on and on.

I always have a hard time describing my music. But the manipulated rhythm and specific use of samples remind me of hip-hop...

released October 22, 2018

Jackname Trouble "Learnt" (Recognition)

mastering by Sebastian Imbierowicz @ 600v studio, Warsaw 2018

graphic design by Michał ‘Bizon’ Lasota @ Dat Beton Bastard, Dublin 2018

all tracks composed and recorded by Jacek Tworkowski, all rights reserved

thanks to: you & everyone else
dedicated to the one who was the most inspiring but also left so quick, see you around!
peace & love, keep up !




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