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No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow
Label: Odysee
Nr kat.: ODYR002
Format: 12"
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Following on from the Bewildered 2018 Remix/Re-master E.P., respected 90’s D&B imprint Odysee Recordings presents its 2nd release in this series; a digital re-master and remix of No Tomorrow. Originally released in 1995 (ODY05), this track featured on the second E.P. under the ‘Mirage’ moniker; a collaboration between Jim Baker (Source Direct) and Odysee’s founder Tilla Kemal (T-Mirage).

The original is a timeless and well-loved classic from the golden era of the mid 90’s ‘Intelligent D&B movement’. It displays Jim’s celebrated skills as both a producer and an arranger to their full; building an emotive and haunting piece around two contrasting motifs. The trademark Source Direct breakbeat work is in play on this track as it switches between Clive Stubberfield and Lyn Collins; the curling drums providing the perfect framework for Tilla’s abstract sample selection to really breath and flow.

Andy Odysee’s modern remix retains all the original samples and references both the original break selection and the shape of the original arrangement. This modern D&B version then injects a turbo-charged energy into the piece with a huge undulating sub, aggressive techno-styled chord stabs and pounding kick & snare that thrust this track into the 21st century. The haunting sweetness of the piece is by no means lost, but the melodies are now presented over a framework designed with modern D&B dance floors firmly in mind.



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