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Easy Going (white vinyl)

  • Claudio Simonetti z Goblina robił też porywające elektroniczne disco... romantyczne i taneczne „Baby I Love You” i „Do It Again” oddają szaleństwo i sprośność parkietów końca lat 70. NAJLEPIEJ

Easy Going (white vinyl)
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Format: LP
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  • 01 Baby I Love You.mp3
  • 02 Little Fairy.mp3
  • 03 Suzie Q.mp3
  • 04 Do It Again.mp3


For the first time ever repressed on FullTime Production the iconic disco record "Easy Going" by Easy Going!
That's a brand-new great landmark for the label as "Easy Going" set a milestone in the italian Disco culture.If at the end of the Seventies you were at Piazza Barberini in Rome at night, you would have come across a small but crowded club half-hidden in the ascent of Via della Purificazione, a trendy gay club with elegant Fassbinderian furniture, but also a night crossroads for many prominent characters of the cultural and artistic life of the eternal city and a regular stop for the most popular national DJs at the time. Easy Going creature was founded by Claudio Simonetti (Goblin), as a homage to the place mentioned above.

The homonymous 33 rpm debut of 1978 is remastered and repressed on a glossy white vinyl and due next December 13th on FullTime Production!
It features the original LP cover highlighting the mosaic of masculine struggle between a sailor and a strictly naked policeman , photographed in the Roman club.
The music explodes with the piece that will define the group par excellence: "Baby I Love You" also released as the first single, sung by a very filtered voice on a hypnotic rug of keyboards and a captivating melody that define a real masterpiece of italian disco and beyond. The same goes for the remaining three tracks of the album, which are also set to set the dance floor on fire: "Do It Again" is pure dance from Studio 54 and on the flip side, Creedence Clearwater Revival's cover "Suzie Q" and the ballad "Little Fairy".




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