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Chance Life

Chance Life
Label: L.I.E.S.
Nr kat.: LIES060
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Temple Blockers.mp3
  • 02 Chance Life Moon Dance.mp3
  • 03 Billows Is Shapes.mp3
  • 04 Finity Disguise.mp3
  • 05 Clear Collar.mp3
  • 06 Abendlander.mp3
  • 07 Narrow Cross.mp3
  • 08 Galcit 210.mp3
  • 09 Unarmed (A Hole In Cold Sand).mp3
  • 10 Any Object Of Desire.mp3
  • 11 Lovegiver CB.mp3
Matthew Morandi returns to L.I.E.S. Records with a new album under his solo moniker, Jahiliyya Fields. Following last year's collaborative 12" w/ Patricia as Inhalants, and a grip of ripping live shows across the US and Europe, Jahiliyya Fields channels fierce new musical thought across 11 tracks of sand-burnt ambience and turmoil-churning techno in Chance Life.*Comes With Download Code!* TIP! MADNESS... On Universal Hexagram, his debut LP, Morandi set textural microcosms across six frayed excursions with an arsenal of analog equipment. Chance Life sharpens the focus between body and mind music, finding a path for these seemingly opposed ideas to cancel each other out. The symbology inherent to Chance Life is best showcased in the spoken word piece, "'finity disguise", which features a lone speaker in a room not unlike Lucier's espousing the outer fringes of Lacanian psychology. Sitting next to the freneticism of "Chance Life Moon Dance", are the squirming lysergic rhythms of "Galcit 210", or the woozy, desiccated sounds of "Unarmed (A Hole In Cold Sand)." Jahiliyya Fields ultimately pursues productions that pass through genre, referencing Detroit techno ("Clear Collar") and Craig Leon's extraterrestrial ambience ("Temple Blockers") in equal measure, absolving the album from an allegiance to a specific scene, or even an era, of electronic music. No singular idiomatic expression bears too much weight on Chance Life, an album at once divisive but wholly cohesive.


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