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We Don't Need

We Don't Need
Label: WYN&M
Nr kat.: WYNM001
Format: 12"
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  • a1 We Don`t Need....mp3
  • a2 We Don`t Need This Dubby Thing.mp3
  • a3 We Don`t Need ... (Paralax Octet version).mp3
  • b1 Black Moon.mp3
  • b2 The Disintegration Of Berlin.mp3
  • b3 (Black) Moon (Turzi remix).mp3


Los Massieras see themselves as legitimate psychedelic explorers sonically adventuring into dark territories and furry textures. Their concrete, minimal electronics, trance inducing percussive sounds and mutant disco influences are drone infected, with slight dub inflections and sometimes even an unusual cold & “poppy” feel, if you care to consider The Residents a pop band. “We don´t need…” their upcoming release was conceived & recorded somewhere in Berlin, Copenhagen and Mexico by Hugo Capablanca, Andrew Claristidge (from Acid Washed) & Satch Hoyt, sometime during the last three years. There is not much information shared by Los Massieras about this period or the recording itself. These 3 personalities from diverse backgrounds are exploring an out of the box sound, perhaps such unique music genre, that is Not. Pioneers like Craig Leon, Sun Ra, Can, Lee Scratch Perry, Psychic TV, Pierre Henry, The Residents, Asmus Tiechens… among others are seen as ways for Los Massieras, but they probably won’t walk their beaten path and instead head on towards that invisible parallel, perhaps perpendicular road. The aim: reach to unknown territories. Defy known boundaries. The Special Place. Welcome to the universe of Los Massieras. Very early support by Optimo, Willie Burns, Moscoman, Rodion…etc.



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