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Black Spuma are Fabrizio Mammarella & Phillip Lauer. Both have a history of quality releases on great labels: Running Back, Beats In Space, Permanent Vacation and our very own International Feel. House music for House People.

Retro Balearic sounds delivered as tastefully as only an International Feel Record can. A collaboration between Frankfurt virtuoso Phillip Lauer and Berlin's Fabrizio Mammarella of Slow Motion. Their studio prowess is so impressive, you'd have thought this was a lost tape from 1989 that's just resurfaced. "Hype Around" is reminiscent of 808 State, its summery and anthemic and a classic take on the first wave techno sound while "Spumatix" is the kind of track you could imagine playing while Axel Foley snoops on the bad guys in Beverley Hills Cop. On the flip is the title track, it's just has that unmistakeable Lauer sound all over it, like all his Tuff City kids stuff. Finally "Emozioni Miste" gets back on that 80's soundtrack vibe using that classic xylophone preset accompanying one seriously funky synth bass.



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