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  • 01 Not Gonna Give You Up.mp3
  • 02 Loser.mp3
  • 03 Family Affair.mp3
  • 04 Into Your Love.mp3
  • 05 Do You Baby.mp3
  • 06 Blues Man.mp3
  • 07 Lady Disco.mp3
  • 08 Off The Wall Lady.mp3
  • 09 Lady.mp3
  • 10 Touching Is My Thing.mp3


Beautiful soulful album by George Smallwood - including original material from home sessions prior to George’s 1980 self- released LP. The rest, a sampling from the Smallwood mind’s library of classic song writers. Huge tip! "Recorded Live in Hyattsville, MD 1975-2015. George really had no interest in releasing this record. “Seeing Is believing, they don’t need records, trust me I did that, today they getting it live.” So this record is that, live tapes from the house, recorded on a government issued cassette recorder from National Library Service for the Blind. George calls these his practice tapes for songwriting, and performance warm-up, and never beyond his ears were they intended to travel. “You just got to see me live if you want to really see me.. so when we get there just plug me in, and point me at that crowd” Last time I saw George they had him wired to the club system. He unplugs his Yamaha keyboard, licks the tip of the power cord and taps a beat on it, finally plugging in, synth lights up, tones all at zero, beats at zero. Then he builds from there, counting blind through a preset one hunderd factory tones and rhythm patterns. “I gotta start off at zero, and go from there.” After the Marshmellow Band disperesed, he got this Yamaha keyboard, same one he’s been playing since 1990, endless scrolling over the same presets, trying to make them fit, tempo down, tapping while telling the story and asking if that feels right to you. “This always gonna be different live.” Andrew Morgan (Peoples Potential Unlimited)



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