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Paradise Goulash (mixed 3CD)

Paradise Goulash (mixed 3CD)
Label: Eskimo
Nr kat.: 541416507275
Format: 3CD
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  • 01 Turns - Forever More (part 3) (CD1).mp3
  • 02 Gabor Szabo - Galatea`s Guitar.mp3
  • 03 Brian Bennett Band - Drum Odyssey.mp3
  • 04 Aqua Bassino - Ibiza.mp3
  • 05 Claude Speed - VIN.mp3
  • 06 Sun Araw - Ma Holo.mp3
  • 07 Richard Schneider Jr - Samba-Trip.mp3
  • 08 Mistral - Starship.mp3
  • 09 The Durian Brothers - Weggeputscht.mp3
  • 11 Berliner Ring - El Amarna.mp3
  • 12 C Cat Trance - Dalbouka.mp3
  • 13 A Split Second - Scandinavian Bellydance.mp3
  • 15 RVDS - Nerds.mp3
  • 16 Len Leise - Dance Of The Ghosts.mp3
  • 17 NSI - Nikita.mp3
  • 18 Wally Badarou - Voices.mp3
  • 19 Jan Akkerman - Tranquilizer.mp3
  • 20 Bjorn Torske,Prins Thomas - Nestor-Untitled Synth Doodles (CD2).mp3
  • 21 Actress - Xoul Particles.mp3
  • 22 Son Sine - Upekah.mp3
  • 26 Hieroglyphic Being - Imaginary Soundscapes 9.mp3
  • 27 Forever Sound - Glowworm.mp3
  • 28 Odd Numbers - Riviera.mp3
  • 30 SW - Untitled.mp3
  • 33 Robert Hood - Drive (The Age Of Automation).mp3
  • 34 Abdullah Rashim - Moral Blinds.mp3
  • 38 Bjorn Torske - Nitten Nitti.mp3
  • 39 Les Big Byrd - Roundhouse Blues.mp3
  • 40 U - The Subdubba Beat (Stockholmia Glue mix) (CD3).mp3
  • 41 Petar Dundov - Sailing Off The Grid.mp3
  • 42 Louis Haiman - Ghosts Of Gratiot.mp3
  • 43 Evigt Morker - Hogre.mp3
  • 44 Morphosis - Silent Screamer.mp3
  • 46 Young Marco - Biology Theme.mp3
  • 49 Zadig - Quiet Orbit Around Gladia.mp3
  • 50 Marcellus Pittman - The Mad Underdog.mp3
  • 51 Stefan Vincent - Fool Me Again.mp3
  • 53 Siriusmo - Liu.mp3
  • 54 Il Guardiano Del Faro - Ma Ci Pensi, Io E Te.mp3
  • 57 Krater - Labyrint.mp3
  • 58 Kurt Vile - Baby`s Arms.mp3


Prins Thomas takes a bow to the original New York nightclub with his new three disc compendium mischieviously entitled ‘Paradise Goulash’, a marathon adventure into his ingenious and ground-breaking style. One of Norway’s most renowned musical exports, Prins Thomas has fashioned a fresh direction for dance music. As with his peers Todd Terje, Hans-Peter Lindstrom, and some of the city’s legendary characters like the mysterious DJ Strangefruit, he has the very laid-back nature of his Oslo residence to thank for encouraging his path, one that has created a global ongoing fascination with retro futurism and cosmic oddities. Prins Thomas’ relationship with the esteemed Eskimo label from Belgium began with the "L&PT" album together with Lindstrom ten years ago, followed by the mix-cd ‘Cosmo Galactic Prism’ eight years ago. This project brings him full circle back to the imprint. His unending eclecticism is indulged in heavily in ‘Paradise Goulash’, each disc a gentle wander within the musical mind of ‘the Prins’, enlisting the help of some superior production talents from the notorious Robert Hood, Actress, Marcellus Pittman, Young Marco, I:Cube and Hieroglyphic Being, as well as wholly obscure material unlikely to have been heard before. “The music contained within is a willfully diverse collection of music that I hope you'll find pleasing to your ears. Much like a bowl of goulash, not all the ingredients might be to your liking. It is undeniably more rustic roadside tavern than refined dining but I hope you already trust me behind the pots and pans. I have been spoilt for choice by the many fine ingredients available to me and have become somewhat blinded in compiling the final tracklist. However, the end result has now been tested on my nearest and dearest to approval. I present to you, my own special “Paradise Goulash” Prins Thomas.



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