17 Record Stores You Should Visit Before You Die


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From Canada to Singapore, our guide to the top destinations for vinyl aficionados.
The smug collector's Christmas—otherwise known as Record Store Day—celebrated its tenth anniversary this past weekend. What started in 2007 as an annual celebration of record store owners has finally followed the rest of the music industry and commercialized itself to a pulp, debilitating local labels, and bottlenecking pressing plants with absurd last-minute stock demands.
We here at THUMP thought we'd take the opportunity to remind you of the many wicked places you can find your wax during the remaining 364 days of the year—that way you can actually support the independent industry, you know?
So while lining up in the cold for that red vinyl repress of the record you already own has its merits for some, don't forget to check our by no means comprehensive list of the must-visit record stores around the world, from Canada to Singapore.

Name: Side One
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Why it's cool: Located in the heart of Warsaw, this shop embraces the city's expanding cultural scene, incorporating rare reprints and releases. Last year, Side One celebrated its tenth birthday with a crowd-funded compilation Side One Ten, featuring tracks from local producers and released on spin-off label S1 Warsaw.

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