The world’s best record shops #028: Side One, Warsaw


Side One

Location: Chmielna 21, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

Contact: +48 22 826 02 69

Go for: Community vibes and a 12?

What?s the story? No trip to Warsaw is complete without a rummage at our favourite Polish rare cuts institute.

Located in a small backyard in central Warsaw and run by Wojtek Żdanuk aka DJ WWW, Side One has been supplying Poland?s DJs with new and used material for over a decade now.

Like all the best record stores, it?s also an important meeting point: the musical town centre where artists, promoters and collectors come together to exchange ideas and collaborate. As Groh of U Know Me Records put it, ?Side One turns out to be a witness of all the evolutions and revolutions in all the labels I?m running.?

Last year, the store celebrated its 10th birthday with Side One Ten ? a survey of Poland?s cutting-edge electronic scene, released on spin-off label S1 Warsaw and crowd-funded by the local community.

You won?t leave here empty-handed or friendless.