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Cold Crush (incl. MNDSGN RMX) (7" + MP3 download code)

Cold Crush (incl. MNDSGN RMX)  (7" + MP3 download code)
Nr kat.: FSX008
Format: 7"
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Kirkis is a manic proto-punk jazz-funk artist from Melbourne, with releases on Eglo Records & a close affiliation with the Hiatus Kaiyote crew. Mndsgn has been a humble but vastly impactful game-changer in the indie beat scene for nearly a decade now, later signing to Stones Throw. Gangster Doodles is one of the most viral illustrators of the Instagram generation, quickly racking up ten of thousands of followers within the last 2 years, with his comical post-it note caricatures of rap figures & urban pop culture icons. "Cold Crush" started as a simple request for Kirkis to remix a track ("Kikhabits") from Mndsgn's now certified cult-classic, Breatharian tape, for the Fresh Selects label. He obliged, and (much later past the deadline) turned in a completely new song, with nearly no signs of the original stems to be found. All parties involved loved the result, but agreed that it didn't exactly qualify as a remix. So now, Fresh Selects presents it as it's own stand-alone 7" single, now accompanied by Mndsgn's own remix of the not-really-a-remix on the B-side, with both artists immortalized by Gangster Doodles for the artwork. All coming together as a hot new cold crush for the cold winter ahead.



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