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Cocomo / Seedbed

Cocomo / Seedbed
Label: Fit Sound
Nr kat.: FIT010
Format: 12"
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For his follow up to certified underground hits “Tonite” and ''Enter the Fog”, Fit Siegel retains a firm embrace of both melody and rhythm. Cocomo is Siegel's most delicate, and beautiful track to date. The track’s loping, memorable theme achieves the relaxed deepness of Larry Heard's productions. A hypnotic vibraphone loop is supplanted by an assured string line, stately piano and finally, a jacking snare builds Cocomo into a tropical hands-in-the-air anthemic house dreamer . A beatless version reveals the song's filmic quality - its lush and subtle synthesis will transport you to the tropics envisioned from the city. Seedbed snaps the listener back to the dancefloor with a syncopated acid earworm. A minimal 303 line foregrounds an unsettling drone before a lead knocks on the doors of the 303 passes, adding to the pleasantly maddening feel. Fit’s percussion puts Seedbed a league apart from the average acid jam. A heavily swung hi- hat is colored by a machine cowbell and watery, rhythmic samples. As tension builds, the creeping pad becomes a more defined presence, oscillating wildly as the track winds itself down. For his label’s tenth release, Fit Siegel presents two fully-realized, divergent sounds, obviously able to harness the energy of his unpredictable DJ sets in the studio. Cocomo marks the return of one of Detroit’s most exciting young producers and further establishes FIT SOUND as a hotbed of fearless dance music.





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