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Pomo presents Tempo Dreams Volume 4

Pomo presents Tempo Dreams Volume 4
Nr kat.: BJLP11
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Geotheory - Gran Turismo (prologue).mp3
  • 02 Lindsay Lowend - Jonah Baseball - Jeremy`s Pet Peev.mp3
  • 03 FVLCRVM - Too Attached.mp3
  • 04 Pomo - Blue Soda (part 1).mp3
  • 05 Daniel Crawford - D Pad Down.mp3
  • 06 Exmag - Distant Relative.mp3
  • 07 Trian Kayhatu - Stockholm Syndrome.mp3
  • 08 Syre - Don`t Be So.mp3
  • 09 10 4 Rog - Sidewalking.mp3
  • 10 Noo Bap - Variegate.mp3
  • 11 Aloka - Wait.mp3


Brooklyn's Bastard Jazz Recordings is one of the only NY labels left that's waving the funk flag high and mighty. Their Tempo Dreams series is now on its fourth instalment and, once again, we're presented with a full-bodied compilation of new and funky rhythms at the cutting-edge of nu jazz. Out of the eleven cuts on offer here, we're pretty much mesmerised by the whole lot, and it's safe to say that the label have truly come through with an interesting and diverse range of street-conscious music. Geotheory throws down some gospel broken beat on the opener ""Gran Truismo", FVLCRVM throw down a sort of ode to the Madlib-Dilla continuum with "Too Attached", Promo's "Blue Soda (Part 1" is a delightful house scorcher, while other favourites include the fuzzy, bass-heavy low-ends of "Variegate" by Noo Bap, and the sensual, deep waves of the placid "Wait" by Aloka.



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