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Call Of The Valley

Call Of The Valley
Label: Ouie
Nr kat.: OUIE001
Format: 12"
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About a year ago Nico Stojan and Acid Pauli met at the studio to record some music. While doing so they discovered their common love for sample based production. So they were basically digging into old vinyls and eventually these three tracks came along. Nothing more to say, but enjoy. ‚Call of The Valley’ is the first release on the new label Ouïe: There has been a shift in this tiny piece of massive world and, like all other shifts, they are documented by those who were there. Ouie is the label to do just that, created by the people who were there, making those shifts. It began when dancers old and young and in-between, began falling in love with a new kind of space: cool-like-lemonade dance-floors and the music that worked them - a kind of electronica that blurred the genres and removed the boxes that we once knew. Ouïe is the label where these tales will be told. Reading with your ears you will hear these stories from page one. You hear the artist’s influences; the travellers they passed, the lovers they lost, the jungles, deserts and cities they crossed. And, of course, you hear the work of musicians whose knowledge of music allows them to cross-pollinate computer music with ease. Think jazz. Imagine disco. Dream ambient. Desert grooves. Imagine what you can’t. Behind Ouïe are Acid Pauli and Nico Stojan, guys who have created these shifts with their music over multiple utopian soirees attracting some of the most colourful and awake people on the planet. Joining them to tell the tales will be friends old and new. Oceanvs Orientalis, Nu and of course many more, but this will happen organically and diversely, like the music.



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