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Down With Tha

Down With Tha
Label: Edible
Nr kat.: EDIBLE008
Format: 10"
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Already heavy hitters on the house music scene since their first releases back in 2012, Waze & Odyssey continue to carve out club burners with such ease, and their first release of 2017 finds a suitably fitting home on Edible. The duo of Firas Waez and Serge Santiago have seemingly not put one step wrong in their ascendency within the house music circuit. Be it releases for labels like Wolf Music, Elrow or their own W&O Street Tracks, or remixes for the likes of Disclosure, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur and Metronomy, W&O have found that knack of delivering sure fire winners time after time. Already a staple in label boss Eats Everything's DJ sets, 'Down With Tha' has all the hallmarks of a bona fide club classic; if the hyperactive drums and looping vocal refrain doesn't draw you in enough, then the downright funky bass lick that prominently packs a punch really provides the killer hook. The, quite frankly, face melting breakdown surely seals the deal, and we are anticipating this cut to ring out loud across dancefloors over the coming weeks and months. Competently propping up the release, 'Seizure' goes on a spacey, bongo odyssey (geddit), serving up a rolling, dubby drum workout that culminates in a rather impressive snare roll breakdown that'll have you frothing at the mouth. Snatches of female vox and whistles are dotted around the galloping jungle drums, whilst the elevating key chimes provide the perfect musical lift. Another slice of completely freshhouse music from W&O!



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