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Barclay Crenshaw (gatefold)

  • aka Claude Von Stroke!

Barclay Crenshaw (gatefold)
Label: Stx&Brx
Nr kat.: STX005
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Sleepy Kids.mp3
  • 02 Hidden Harmonics (feat Aviella).mp3
  • 03 The Real X-Files (feat Lady Chan).mp3
  • 04 Artifacts (feat The Underachievers).mp3
  • 05 The Gene Sequence.mp3
  • 06 Respect The Source.mp3
  • 07 I`m Up Here.mp3
  • 08 U Are In My System (feat The Cool Kids).mp3
  • 09 Fatal Error.mp3
  • 10 My Dog Knows The Truth (feat Mr Carmack).mp3


Channeling a love affair with classic 90’s hip hop, an affinity for otherworldly themes and an ear for raw funk, Barclay Crenshaw uses his given birth name to bare his soul and deliver a slowed-down, emotive collectiob of collaborations and instrumentals. This self-titled debut album is a left-field deperature from his better known allias, Claude Von Stroke, but the quality is undeniably the same. The themes of alien abductions and exploring of time and space are discovered and brough to life over ten tracks that sound like a mixture of gold rope chains and new age enlightenment. Modern organic beats mixed with gorgeous melodic movements and underlying grittiness create an experience that is eclectic, expressive, and expansive. Coded art furthers the sense of mystery and the unkown. Harking back to the past while gazing into the future.



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