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Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol. 1

Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol. 1
Nr kat.: HYPELP008
Format: 2LP+MP3
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  • 01 The Future.mp3
  • 02 U Can`t Touch Dat.mp3
  • 03 Back With Me.mp3
  • 04 Heard It All B4.mp3
  • 05 Everybody.mp3
  • 06 Feel The Melody.mp3
  • 07 Stop Gap.mp3
  • 08 Clap Sing.mp3
  • 09 Feel The Riddim.mp3
  • 10 Pump.mp3


A riotous romp through imaginatively used samples, familiar piano riffs, customary beats and other rave tropes, the master of mischief Luke Vibert puts together a 10 track ode to the era of M25 convoys, mobile phone hotlines and raving amongst dogs on strings in British aerodrome fields. With a long and extensive history in the UK’s dance counterculture spanning three decades, Vibert has released a barrage of inventive and animated music over the years that really doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is all the better for it. LPs and singles for Mo Wax, Warp, Planet Mu, Ninja Tune and Rising High really speaks for itself, so it’s a honour to welcome Vibert back onto Hypercolour (after 2014’s ‘Ridmik’ album and 2015’s return of his Kerrier District moniker). Vibert stiches together a collage of sounds, samples and beats for ‘Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol. 1’ that captures the essence of the rave era perfectly. Shuffling breakbeats and spine-tingling synths provide the flashbacks on ‘Heard It All B4’ whilst an onslaught of classic vocal hits come at the listener faster than a double drop rush on ‘Feel The Melody’. ‘Feel The Riddim’ doffs it cap at the dawn of UK garage with big bass bin rumbling riffs and Todd Terry beats on +8 whilst ‘U Can’t Touch Dat’ fuses skippy garage beats, rave-tastic stabs and another rewind on the ‘Can You Feel It’ vocal sample that never fails! Whether you are an ageing raver, or a wide-eyed newbie, ‘Garave Vol. 1’ is a hugely enjoyable frolic in rave’s DAT tape archives, with Vibert playing master of ceremonies to a musical genre that quite simply refuses to die!



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