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The Mr. K Edits

The Mr. K Edits
Nr kat.: MXMRK2009
Format: 7"
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  • a1 123 (Mr K 7-inch edit Of Walter Gibbons Acetate).mp3
  • b1 My Sweet Summer Suite (Mr K 7-inch edit).mp3



In a world where the internet overflows with the bedroom edits of thousands of would-be’s and never-have’s, it is worth remembering that there was a time, not so very long ago, when the edit block was an exclusive territory that only true disciples could enter. Danny Krivit is a bonafide master of the realm whose career dates to the dawn of disco edits and is dotted throughout with dancefloor classics. Unlike many online editors, Mr. K always was, and still is, a DJ first. “Danny,” it was recently overheard in a downtown basement club, “is the only guy who can take a great song and make it better, and a so-so song and make it great.” As evidence of that axiom, Most Excellent Unltd. is pleased to present two battle-tested staples from DK’s repertoire, the first 12-inch single in an ongoing series. Girls Can’t Help It was a prefab group with a cheesy image but a surprisingly slinky electro funk sound. Danny’s edit of the Mark Kamins remix of “Baby Doll” turns a minor ’80s pop tune into a low-slung balearic cruiser, borrowing freely from the more dubby elements of the original for a perfect mid-tempo warmer. The Montana Sextet’s “Heavy Vibes” is a Loft classic that runs like a looser, funkier version of “Love Break,” which Danny immortalized in his beloved “Love Is The Message” rework. Mr. K’s “Fan Dance Edit” takes an obscure 7-inch-only alternate version of the track (the “Fan Dance” mix) and teases it into a steadily building groove that leans back towards “Love Is The Message” and will find a ready home in any DJs bag. Both tracks have been mastered from Danny’s personal collection and pressed onto high-quality virgin vinyl in extremely limited quantities.



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