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Deux O & Debut

Deux O & Debut
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Time for something a little different from Public Release. EYE O is the convergence of a few Bay Area stalwarts—Kevin Woodruff, formerly of Tussle, and Jason Schwartz—and “Deux O & Debut” is their first studio-recorded public offering. The five-track, fifty-minute- long LP is a weaving journey through a pastiche of styles that’re all nephews, cousins, brothers, sisters of one another. Kraut-rooted motorik drums reconfigure into more complicated math-y patterns; razor-sharp dance-punk guitars stretch out and dissolve into dubby post-rock atmospherics; synth loops you’d more commonly find in house tracks get grafted onto fuzzy psychedelic breakdowns; hard rock licks lock into chunky industrial grooves. Less for dancefloor destruction and more for trippy weekenders, the instrumental record manages to both be a focused, cerebral, conceptual hunk of fat to chew on and a spaced-out, intuitive ride through the cosmos. For use during those off-kilter small hours of the night just as much as it is vision quests and introspective weekends. It’s rare that an outpouring of so much can feel so simple and sublime.



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