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Mydriase (180g)

Mydriase (180g)
Nr kat.: FTS-001
Format: 2LP+MP3
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  • 01 Mydriase.mp3
  • 02 Riddle Song.mp3
  • 03 Subtle Body.mp3
  • 04 Venus Flytrap.mp3
  • 05 Moon Motion.mp3
  • 06 Late Night Shuttle.mp3
  • 07 Holy Frank.mp3
  • 08 Track 8.mp3
  • 09 PCP.mp3
  • 10 Wet Widow.mp3


Special remarks : Gatefold 2LP Vinyl + Sticker + Downloadcode + Interactive packaging, where the eyes of the owl are animated while the interior sleeve is taken out. Tracklist 2LP: A1. Mydriase A2. Riddle Song A3. Subtle Body B1. Venus Flytrap B2. Moon Motion C1. Late Night Shuttle C2. Holy Frank D1. PCP D2. Wet Widow After more than a year of silence, the French duo VTCN RADIO releases its debut album “Mydriase” on November 10th 2017. Mysterious and audacious odyssey, ‘Mydriase’ presents itself as a sensory and confidential journey. Fruit of a nocturnal composition guided by a need of musical introspection and a decisive encounter with an owl, the writing of this album will cut off its creators in an alternative reality for three years. Behind VTCN RADIO are the French producers Nathan Bokobza - a pianist fascinated by the romantic repertoire and the harmonic research of the impressionists - and Louis Martinez, a guitarist passionate about digital technologies and their uses in the process of sound creation. The group revealed its existence at the end of 2015 with the esoteric Riddle Song and continues to surprise the spirits with the release of the compositions Late Night Shuttle and Venus Flytrap in 2016, before creating in 2017 their own label “Five to Six Records". VTCN RADIO presents with Mydriase an experience based mainly on the dialogue between two entities - a dark, deep and a purer and luminescent - to constitute an elegant music, and ambivalent by its capacity to propose different interpretations. This self-produced album marks the first release of their label Five to Six Records, and presents us for the first time in a broader way the hallucinatory and singular universe of VTCN RADIO.



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