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Sounds Like Myna Vol. 1

Sounds Like Myna Vol. 1
Label: Myna
Nr kat.: MYNA060
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Kinky Movement - Everything.mp3
  • a2 Matt Shrewd - Pump It Up.mp3
  • b1 Terry Waites - Here Comes The Music.mp3
  • b2 Nicko - Givin It Up.mp3


Myna music returns to vinyl again with a new series of sampler EP's. The concept is to bring together old and new producers to the Myna family with a 4-track EP. To kick things off, we bring together Kinky Movement, Matt Shrewd, Terry Waites & Nikco. Between them they deliver 12 inches of deep, tech, funk and chunky house goodness! From the UK, Australia and Hong Kong. Kinky Movement - Everything Starts the party of with an offering from long standing group, Kinky Movement. They're no stranger to Myna, having frequented the label over the past years with both remixes and full EP's. Expect chunky, underground house with hints of classic sounding house vocals - perfect for peak time floors. Kinky Movement's first release was back in 2004 on Tango Recordings. Since then they have gone on to work with well over 50 various labels from around the globe and released over 200 original tracks and remixes on labels such as Large Music, Salted Music, Swing City, Drop Music, King Street, Moulton Music, Nitegrooves, Jalapeño, Sleazy Deep, and Simma Black. Also, the trio has recently had their music featured on BBC Radio 1 Extra, presented by DJ Monki. Matt Shrewd - Pump it up Moving on, Matt Shrewd makes a comeback to the scene after a long break! Matt frequented the label a lot over the last 15 years, with some outstanding funk fused house music that always topped many vinyl charts and sold out for us. Now he's back, delivering the goods for us once more. Expect the Matt Shrewd signature sound of chunky beats, live bass and catchy vocal hooks, laced with hints of funk. Terry Waites - Here Comes The Music On the flip side is a new member of the Myna family, Terry Waites. He delivers a driving, tech infused house number that still has a deep, underground house vibe & bouncy bassline, topped of with some trippy spoken vocals! Terry moved to Perth, Australia in the summer of 1997 and has made a name for himself playing at festivals and clubs around Australia, aswell as touringcountries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and the UK. More recently, Terry has gone on to produce some massive house tracks and remixes for some of the industry's top underground house music labels. Terry is also the founder and brains behind the hugely successful promotions agency Soul Project, which has been hosting international and eastern states house acts more than 10 years in venues around Perth. NIKCO - GIVIN IT UP Finishing off the EP, we welcome Nikco to the Myna family. He held a residency in Ibiza and Mallorca for 11 years until heading to Hong Kong to frequent the Drop club, Oma & Premium Sofa Club. Nikco has previously released under the alias Bamboo Soldier. His track - Dogz on Crack (original mix) is featured on the 2018 official video for Sonar music festival, Hong Kong. The past year has seen him releasing his deeper productions under Nikco, as he joins Myna, with a deep, sexy, silky track that oozes quality and classiness... think classic deep house vibes.



Hold On

Hold On

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