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Tonight's Sky EP

Tonight's Sky EP
Label: Warm Up
Nr kat.: WU51
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Fluid Shifts.mp3
  • b1 Hidden Figures.mp3
  • b2 Spinoff.mp3


Dimi Angelis is a pivotal element in European and universal techno scene, alone or teaming up with Jeroen Search his tunes has been around from quite a while and finally he is landing with a complete EP in Warm UP.

Dimi provides three energetic cuts, fast, dirty, futuristic and funky all at once.

First cut Fluid Shifts is made of a distorted bassline, shuffled 909 hats and bleepy short sequences in a non stop arrangement. Note the synth hit that comes in and out from time to time.

Following there is Hidden Figures, under the same path soundwise, alternating distortion with crispiness, this time a bleep tone is the main element, liying on top of a continuous and dirty bassline as well as the usual 909 hat action. Another torpedo that will sink many boats on a proper dancefloor.

Closing the release comes Spinoff, again in the same sound parameters combining overdrive with clean elements, dirty bass frequencies again, clear kicks, 808 hatas and nothing else, just hypnosis, reduction and repetition.

In this times when everybody souds the same, it's good to have original maker like Dimi, providing the right stuff for those who know.



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