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HAL / Still So High / First Blood

HAL / Still So High / First Blood
Label: IPSO
Nr kat.: IPSO002
Format: 12"
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Dynamic DJ and producer Ko¨lsch is set to release HAL, his brand-new collaborative effort with Canadian techno heavyweight Tiga, on new label IPSO. Well known for his genre-defining cuts, Danish producer Ko¨lsch has sold millions of records all over the world under his many different monikers, including seminal LP '1977' and his widely acclaimed albums '1983' & '1983' & '1989', with the latter including Ko¨lsch's biggest track 'Grey'. A purveyor of deep and minimalist techno, Tiga released his 3-track 'Stay Cool' EP earlier this year, with the game changing producer receiving a wealth of support from BBC Radio 1 tastemaker Pete Tong on his last album, the 11-track 'No Fantasy Required' on Counter Records. Made up of thunderous A-side 'HAL' and a double B-side - containing the cosmic chord patterns of 'First Blood' and the sinister build of grumbling 'Still So High' - Ko¨lsch and Tiga will also perform together B2B at OFFSonar this summer, with Ko¨lsch also scheduled to play a primetime headline set at Belgian mega-festival, Tomorrowland. 'About a year ago I launched my label IPSO', said Ko¨lsch. 'This summer IPSO 002 is coming up, and it's a collab with none other than Tiga. We spent a couple of great days in my Copenhagen studio, and came up with 3 tracks I'm really proud of. Since the first release, I also started my IPSO night in the legendary Gewo¨lbe Club in Cologne. I've had amazing nights there over the last 2 years and now it's time to expand.' Having started his IPSO residency in Cologne, playing a mammoth 9 hour sets, Ko¨lsch has since expanded the brand to Miami and Watergate Berlin, with further destinations in the pipeline. Labelled as 'The King of house' by Annie Mac, who added that Ko¨lsch, the IPSO boss has garnered a reputation as one of dance music's most talented producers, playing several Ibiza dates over the summer, including ANTS, Hi¨ Ibiza's 'In The Dark' and Circoloco.



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