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Label: Pilgrim
Nr kat.: PILGRIM1
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Jacek - Pilgrim.mp3
  • b1 Ricardo - Pilgrim.mp3


There seems to be a bit a mystery around this record… And let some of this mystery remain. These two remixes of a fairly obscure song are pretty well known to the public, as for the last year or so they were regulars both in live sets of Jacek Sienkiewicz, and DJ sets of Ricardo Villalobos. Right now these two artists share credits to this obviously outstanding release. “Pilgrim” is a vital, mesmerizing, uplifting piece of magic. One can assume, telling from the unusual, muezzin-like chanting, that it comes from some forgotten Oriental library record… In fact, it was written in the Seventies by a respected Polish composer and extraordinary vocalist to the words of 19th century Polish poet. Now you can hear its modern, not to say futuristic, interpretation by two of the most forward-thinking electronic musicians from two different sides of the globe. Jacek’s version certainly has an epic feel, majestically developing hypnotic vocal line among a swooping array of unstoppable, driving beat. This is the prime cut of this song, guaranteed to draw attention of any listener and hold it through its full 12+ minutes. Ricardo’s mix, on the other hand, drifts more towards its ethnic connotations, being heavier on percussion while retaining its evocation of a desert tribal chant. Already in heavy circulation with some of the most prolific DJs, this is a strictly limited release which gained a sort of a classic reputation far before it finally surfaced on vinyl. No doubt a timeless record, and a truly moving nod to the past by the artists of the future.



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