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Drugs EP

Drugs EP
Nr kat.: SSPB006
Format: 12"
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FJAAK is a hell of a drug. We know you like some more.
It was only a matter of time before your favorite Spandau-repping producer trio would grace a release on Seilscheibenpfeiler with their unmistakably powerful productions.Following up Solid Blake's slamming electro excursions on SSPB005, FJAAK put us back into 4/4 territory with two highly addictive techno belters and a sweaty, break-y rave epic. FJAAK do what they do best: They draw inspiration and references from various past eras and shape it into something truly now and original. It's probably not even on purpose, all the history seems to be in their young blood.
First track - 3XL' instantly starts with a heavy breakbeat and a darkly soaring bassline, bringing in some acid and vocal fragments that carry you back to the early 90s. Their famed hands-on approach to a predominantly hardware set-up is discernible throughout the EP. - Quimes' continues with 135 bmp of straight, queerly melodic and kick drum focused techno, pure and rich at the same time. - Drugs' is even more stripped down, laying all its force into the drums and repeating its title all over again. You decide whether this is music to take drugs to or rather some kind of sardonic commentary. It certainly gets you high.



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