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Nr kat.: PETS099
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Pioneers.mp3
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  • b1 Piano & Piano.mp3
  • b2 Your Job Is My Job.mp3


JOMO... The JOY of missing out.
The premise is simple: F**k what everyone else is doing, just enjoy your own moment and make sure you're present and not wasting time watching other people pretend their lives are amazing. Your life is the only life that counts. And right now Bawrut has come crashing into it. The man behind no less than 15 exceptional remixes throughout 2018, he's back in full original EP mode and he's making his debut on Pets.
Let's not waste any time....
'Pioneers' kicks things off. Bawrut's personal homage to the foundation setters; laced with a syrupy spoken word, this is all about the physical and emotional reactions from a raw house groove. It's followed by 'Desert Island', a dynamic acid attack that's riddled with rich levels of 303 funk and a healthy dose of Trevor Jackson.
Elsewhere 'Piano&Piano' brings us back to dry land with crunchy loops that somehow manage to ooze funk, soul and staccato synth stabbed drama in equal measure... A fusion that's accelerated insanely when the breaks kick in. Then finally we have 'Your Job Is My Job'. Another heady maze of trippy textures and psychedelic nods, this one kicks into such a belting bassline groove midway that it will drive your crowds to such high levels of JOMO they may never want to log into Instagram again.
Powerful sounds from a dangerously talented new gen talent. This is next level stuff from Bawrut and Pets.



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