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NYC Disco: The 45s Vol. 1

NYC Disco: The 45s Vol. 1
Label: Vega
Nr kat.: NER24551
Format: 3x7"
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  • a1 Get With The Funk (feat Josh Milan).mp3
  • b1 Paradox Love (feat The Martinez Bros).mp3
  • c1 Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (feat Anane & Tony Touch).mp3
  • d1 Love Fantasy (feat Cindy Mazelle).mp3
  • e1 John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - I Can't Stop (feat DJ Jazzy Jeff - Louie Vega remix).mp3
  • f1 John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - I Can't Stop (feat Jazzy Jeff - Louie Vega original interpretation mix).mp3


Grammy award winner Louie Vega set the worldwide music and club community on fire in 2018 with his renowned NYC Disco album. Released on Double CD and 2X Double - Pack vinyl, the album represented Louie's personal homage to the disco genre that has played such an important role in the evolution of music. In furthering his goal of making this album available and accessible to DJ's and fans of all formats and configurations, he has now made 7' edits of select tracks from the album, to be released on a Triple Pack 7' collection with a custom jacket on Nervous Records.

'It was important for me to release vinyl on the NYC disco project for all our vinyl family worldwide. And now doing the 45 / 7' project even takes it a step further giving you eclecticism in our musical landscape. Enjoy the musical flavor of the NYC Disco, Nervous, Sam Records & Vega Family sounds!' - Louie Vega

This triple pack 7' collection includes five songs, and each one played a unique role in making the NYC Disco project so special:

Record 1 Side A - Louie Vega / Get With The Funk featuring Josh Milan 3:17 - a collaboration between Louie and vocalist / keyboardist Josh Milan from the seminal House / R&B group Blaze.

Record 1 Side B - Louie Vega / Love Paradox featuring The Martinez Brothers 3:35 - a collaboration between Louie and The Martinez Brothers. Inspired by a disco horn loop, with live musicians brought in to add layers of funk and soul and disco to the groove.

Record 2 Side A - Louie Vega / Last Night A DJ Saved My Life featuring Anané and Tony Touch 3:58 - this was the last track produced for the album. Anané Vega, also a producer and DJ in her own right, had the idea to do an updated version. For the rap in the break they brought in well known New York based DJ / MC Tony Touch.

Record 2 Side B - Louie Vega / Love Fantasy featuring Cindy Mizelle 3:35 - Originally produced and released by Roy Ayers in 1980. Louie has always been a fan of Roy Ayers and has done collaborations with him. Louie felt a cover version of this song would be a great ending for the album.

Record 3 Side A - John Davis & The Monster Orchestra / I Can't Stop Featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff (Louie Vega Remix) 4:02 -

One of the essential Break Beat records that has been acclaimed by hip hop originators like Grand Master Flash and Jam Master Jay as one of the formative tunes that helped create the genre. Knowing that DJ Jazzy Jeff is a master of the hip hop genre, Louie felt he would be a great addition to this remix, adding his world class scratching skills to Louie's remix, thereby creating the definitive hip hop version of this seminal disco track.

Record 3 Side B - John Davis & The Monster Orchestra / I Can't Stop (Louie Vega Remix) 4:02 - this version does not include the hip hop scratches, and is Louie's respectful homage to John Davis the producer and one of his more acclaimed works from the Sam Records catalogue.



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