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Mantash EP

Mantash EP
Label: Cocoon
Nr kat.: COR12162
Format: 12"
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Seasoned producer Oliver Kapp takes us back to the glory days of underground techno where pounding sound systems ruptured the space time continuum for fun. The old guard will already know that Kapp has pedigree, from running and releasing on his own record labels Indulge and Raygun to a string of appearances on Stockholm LTD, Logistic and Gigolo, his dedication to the cause is unquestionable. Which is why his first appearance on Cocoon Recordings is long overdue. What we get are DJ friendly tools designed for that time of night when the the second hand stops ticking. Kapp presents a perfect collection of timeless warehouse techno, like the genre itself there are no beginnings or ends, just a constant barrage of hi octane machine funk, underpinned by heavy duty beats that somehow manage to induce a sense of weightlessness on the dance floor. Scaling down the bpms to a sub 130 tempo, the EP is a masterclass in how to balance the old school with the new. „Loud Whisper“ is both tough and relentless, generating an hypnotic state that ensnares the dancer in suspended animation as strobe lights flicker across closed eyelids. Scattered hihats motor forward and trance inducing sequences splice and dice causing mind and body to drift apart. „Mantash“ is an altogether gentler excursion. Loose tribal rhythms slalom through the metronomic kicks before giving way to distant chords that embrace the dancefloor in a warm fuzzy glow. This lush vibe extends over the rest of the track while the beats roll on, accompanied by delicate melodies that enhance the ride. Euphoria and delirium combine on the aptly titled „Rapture“, as chopped up vocal fx alternate across a hard hitting 909 pattern complete with angular snares and ride cymbals that bang the box into ...



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