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Love Me Oh Please Love Me

Love Me Oh Please Love Me
Nr kat.: DEEK001
Format: 12"
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Press Release: Bullion has come a long way since his 'Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee' became a viral sensation on the internet in 2008. He went on to record a string of releases for One-Handed Music - 'Get Familiar', 'Young Heartache' and finally 'Say Goodbye To What', which saw him loosening the assemblage points of his music, transposing sampled voices into new contexts, and creating a kind of modern, psychedelic cut’n’paste. His next effort, 'You Drive Me To Plastic' (released by Young Turks Records in 2011) was a beautifully sewn together 21 minute piece of music consisting of 9 tracks, drawing from leftfield Disco, Krautrock, 80’s synth pop, Afro & inspired 70’s electronics. Most recently was a 2 track single on R&S Records. On 'Say Arr Ee' and 'What Does She Know' Bullion replaced what would previously have been samples with his own voice and recorded instrumental parts. 'Love Me Oh Please Love Me' is the natural continuation; a 6 track EP of songs written alone (except The Age of Self, a Robert Wyatt song) and assembled in a short period last year using drum machines, guitars and synths, along with his own voice and lyrics. These recordings show more of Bullion than any of his previous output, stripped back to the bare bones in parts, on other songs showing the production and arranging talent he was already known for. It will come as a surprise to some, seemingly a long way from the sample-based work from which Bullion originally made his name. The cohesion and playfulness are ever-present, but ‘Love Me Oh Please Love Me’ comes with a personal touch we haven't heard until now.



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