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Nothing Makes Me Feel (Good Anymore)

Nothing Makes Me Feel (Good Anymore)
Nr kat.: SAT044
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Nothing Makes Me Feel (Good Anymore).mp3
  • a2 Street Emotion.mp3
  • a3 Get Something.mp3
  • b1 The Right Way.mp3
  • b2 Hustle.mp3
  • b3 Golden Chains.mp3


Following on from 'City Life' (Scissor And Thread #40) here is a brand new extended EP from composer, producer and musician Black Light Smoke, jam-packed with pure raw House Music showcasing all the benefits of floating keys and rattling hi-hats, while masterfully interwoven vocal cuts take an infectious lead through the EP.
The title track 'Nothing Makes Me Feel (Good Anymore)' sets the tone with a snappy beat and a slightly melancholic vocal sample. 'Street Emotion' convinces with tasty dryness over a characteristic bass-wobble in the beginning before it opens up with a warm and swelling synth pad.
In similar fashion 'Get Something' is beat-focused and dressed up with G-House vocal splinters which make it groovy as hell. 'The Right Way' surfs on a wave of juicy chords and laid back vocals and especially the well-arranged break beat of 'The Right Way' creates the track's uniqueness.
'Hustle' has some serious jack-flavor, transporting all the best of Chicago's warehouse sound while 'Golden Chains' is driven by a sophisticated garage bass-line, almost contrary to the emotional feel of the track, once more underlined by a distinctive vocal line. Well saturated distortion and Lo-Fi edges add up to a wealth of comfortably warm moods that represent Black Light Smoke's very personal expression of modern House sound, which you will be also be able top experience in his upcoming live set gigs.

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