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All The Bleeps

All The Bleeps
Nr kat.: BLEEP500
Format: 4x12"
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  • 01 Sane - Auger.mp3
  • 02 Jerome Hill - League Against Jazz.mp3
  • 03 Johan Platt - Forged Jack.mp3
  • 04 Ben Pest - Tilt Lock.mp3
  • 05 Norman Muller - Bamm Im Mond.mp3
  • 06 Luke's Anger - Sloth Father.mp3
  • 07 Tobias Schmidt - Le Interrupteur.mp3
  • 08 Neil Landstrumm - Cleo Satan.mp3
  • 09 TSR - Can't Stop Thinking (feat Kosmonaut J).mp3
  • 10 JoeFarr - To See Her.mp3
  • 11 Paul Birken - Perpendicular Provider.mp3
  • 12 SES - Dumbiesdykes.mp3
  • 13 Tobias Schmidt - Speak.mp3
  • 14 Joseph Garber - We Not The Wack Yeah.mp3
  • 15 World News - Black Cat.mp3


 This 4×12″ Boxed Set represents the artists whose music is played the most on Bleep Radio. Literally and objectively played the most. I’m a big number crunching statistics nerd and have trended my own track-lists for years as many of you know. As a Canadian, far removed from where the music I like shines the brightest I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to meet with and play alongside a lot of these folks in person and not just via the stream. Bleep Radio is expected to hit show 500 on May 14th which is when this release will drop. The 500th show will consist of a mix of all of the tracks on this release by myself, plus…guests? This release is isn’t just a milestone, it’s an open love letter to all of you whose music I play and will continue to play and support (and encourage all of you to do the same). Keep it wonky folks.

"full support, will play this!"
Echoplex / Post Scriptum

"So great to hear electronic music breaking the mould in a time where we have a chance to reset what is expected on dance floors and on home sound systems - will definitely be giving these a play at upcoming gigs in Australia"

Assembler Code

"mental selections, top stuff!!!"

"Lots of bleepin bangers!"

"What a package. Sloth Father is my pick here"
Ste Roberts

"A brilliant release, superb quality throughout!"
Toni Aslam

"Great compilation! Ben Pest's track is my pick, what a killer of a track. Full support in podcasts/livestreams etc."
Jamie Behan

"As usual, Jerome Hill Delivers x"
JG Wilkes / Optimo

"excellent compilation !"
The Hacker

"Cool set of funked-up Brighton techno. Timely comeback, thank you!"
Dj Glow



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