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4'33 (5'09' Happy Birthday Extended Edit) One-Sided Clear Vinyl

Label: Miss You
Nr kat.: MISSYOU000
Format: 10"
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  • a1 4'33 (Castro's Happy Birthday Extended Edit).mp3


lathed cut 1-sided clear vinyl 10" + transparent insert

In response to some of the absurdities of the contemporary parasitic “DJ Re-Edit” culture this release tries to raise questions regarding artistic authorship and where we currently stand in the Western contemporary artistic landscapes of often blindly striving for novelty at an ever accelerating pace. If we take the reference of Bootsy Collins' claim that “funk is making something out of nothing.”, there is essentially no “funk” here as Castro fundamentally makes nothing out of nothing, which is something, but only conceptually, but in terms of experience is arguably nothing in the end. The only other thing that we can take from this is that this seems to be a tribute to the original artist as the length of this 5 minutes and 9 seconds “extended edit” numerically celebrates the date of birth of John Cage - September 5th. No remastering was made for this release. *** REPRESS LIMITED QUANTITIES



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