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ISS010 (180g)

ISS010 (180g)
Nr kat.: ISS010
Format: 2x12"
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  • 01 Dub Schneider.mp3
  • 02 Dachtekker.mp3
  • 03 Matchpoint.mp3
  • 04 Double Standard.mp3
  • 05 The Bills.mp3
  • 06 Stomp.mp3
  • 07 Small Stone S700.mp3


The much loved llian crew reverts to its Skee Series here and serves up more magic from Skee Mask aka Munich mainstay Bryan Muller. He has roasted pretty exclusively here and never fails to innovate with each new drop. This one again hits the mark across seven elastic techno cuts that are underpinned by lovely dub weight and propelled by tight, pinging kicks. 'Dachtekker' is lit up with hi-tek soul synths straight from Detroit, 'Double Standard' is deliciously deep and driving with swirling pads smeared around up top and 'Small Stone S700' manages to pair soul-drenched chords full of subtle joy with kinetic drum programming that makes you want to move. Superb.




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