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Label: Poker Flat
Nr kat.: PFR81
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Moan (Trentemoller remix).mp3
  • b1 Moan (Radio Slave`s remix for K).mp3


Only released in October 2006, Anders Trentemøller‘s stunning debut-album „The Last Resort“ already evolved into one of the most successful independent albums of the year. Raving reviews all over the place, various elections as „album of the year“ and solid playlists at the radios express the huge interest in the fantastic album. While 2006 has been topped of with a tour through Australia, the first Trentemøller highlight in 2007 will be the release of „Moan“, the second single from the album. For the a-side Trentemøller himself created a brilliant remix of the „Moan“-Vocal Version, which has been released on the Bonus-CD of the limited edition album only. Trentemøller managed to keep the mystic melancholic vibe of the track featuring the vocals of danish talent Ane Trolle, but adds punshy drums, screaming synths and some more guitars to guarantee serious dancefloor-action. Radioslave aka Matt Edwards aka Rekid aka Quite Village, on of the most in demand remix artists at the moment (Moby, Booka Shade, Justice, Peace Division, Pet Shop Boys, Joakim etc) contributed a great remix on the flipside. Slowly building over reduced drumpatterns their mix culminates into a manic wall of sound. While Poker Flat 81 features the vocal versions of both Trentemøller‘s and Radioslve‘s remixes, the instrumental and dub versions will be released simultaneously

PFR81 in the media

Anja Schneider (Mobilee Rec.): “The dub mix is quiet hot sexy and cool... ”

Chloe: “i prefere the dub instru. version, will play”


Giles Smith (secretsundaze UK): “Really strong production from Trentemoller as we have come to expect. Matt's mix is extremely strong, respecting the overall vibe of the track nice with its long drawn out dubby feel. ”

Groove Magazin (GER): “Radio Slave und Trentemøller remixen „Moan” von Trentemøllers Album. Radio Slave verwendet einen seiner auf den letzten Rekid-Releases entwickelten, hypnotischen Grooves und bringt mit einigen gut ausgewählten Sounds aus dem Original dessen Stimmung auf den Punkt. Der fast zwölfminütige Mix hat viele überraschende, einfallsreiche, schöne Passagen. Trentemøller geht auch von der Vocal-Version aus, die auf der Bonus-CD zu „The Last Resort“ enthalten war. Im Remix geht er den ganzen Weg von der bedächtigen Downbeat-Nummer bis zum überdimensionalen Monster-Hit. Es ist crazy, wie viele Steigerungsebenen er in den Track geschachtelt kriegt, ohne ihn zum Explodieren zu bringen”

Karotte: “toller trentemöller rmx.”

Sasse (Moodmusic): “the dub/instrumental mixes are my choice, another massive hit ! radioslave can do no wrong, amazing production ! thanks !”



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