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Acdise #2 (180g)

Acdise #2 (180g)
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  • a1 Acdise #2.mp3
  • a2 Turn The Light.mp3
  • b1 Acdise #2 (Skudge Feels It version).mp3
  • b2 Acdise #2 (Gatto Fritto remix).mp3


International Feel adds Japanese techno artist Gonno to its roster, with Skudge and Gatto Fritto employed on remix duties. The label has released material from artists such as Gatto Fritto, Rocha, Bubble Club and DJ Harvey, and, due to the nature of its strongly curated sound, has subsequently gained a reputation as something of a Balearic label. And, in true Balearic form, the imprint has decided to take a left turn and welcome aboard Japanese techno producer Gonno, who counts Josh Wink and Laurent Garnier among his unofficial fan club. The release was suggested by Gatto Fritto (a long time techno fetishist), and the release is actually a collaboration between Gatto Fritto's label Fritto Morto and International Feel, with a new catalogue number to seal the deal. The two original cuts - namely "Acdise #2" and "Turn The Light" - appear on the A-Side, with the cosmic, swirling arpeggios of the former complementing the ambient atmospherics of the latter. Swedish techno dons Skudge turn in a throbbing late night revision of "Acdise #2" while Fritto's own remix is perhaps the highlight, with a deeply cerebral interpretation that might just be one of the finest moments in the International Feel canon. Limited, 180g vinyl here too.



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