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Kosi Comes Around

Kosi Comes Around
Label: Pampa
Nr kat.: PAMPALP009
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Estrella.mp3
  • 02 Raw.mp3
  • 03 Don`t Feed The Cat.mp3
  • 04 Barock Am Ring.mp3
  • 05 My Grandmotha.mp3
  • 06 Dangernugget.mp3
  • 07 Brutalga Square.mp3
  • 08 Chiminea.mp3


Now in 2013 shortly after Koze dropped his sophomore album "Amygdala" Pampa Records is proud to finally re-release the soldout masterpiece "Kosi Comes Around" on vinyl!

It was back in 2005, shortly after having erupted over the past year with a slew of 12" singles that have captivated DJ's world-wide, the current insanity over his alterego ADOLF NOISE, and least we forget, one of the most adventurous mix- CD's of all time, 2004's "All People Is My Friends", DJ KOZE moved forward with his highly anticipated, solo debut full length entitled "Kosi Comes Around". This may sound overly dramatic to state, but DJ KOZE was truly there to give the world a piece of his mind - and the facts were blatantly presented there on this album. Stefan Kozalla aka DJ KOZE was a revolutionist and proved beyond reasonable doubt on "Kosi Comes Around" that nobody else was able to load music up with so much madness yet balance it gingerly with love and warmth. He felt there are promises that must have given surrounding the multitude of "new lies" that existed in this world back then (and today) and a true determination of bringing House back to it's utopian place once again. A Spirits Hunter chased by Fear who was known to conjure the Phantom of the Old School and bring color to it's face. DJ KOZE felt that fear is always justifiable - if one cannot understand fear then one cannot fight it. DJ KOZE was (and still is) a fear expert - truly the world's most notorious one-man-army we've witnessed since John Rambo. And "Kosi Comes Around" was his maifesto. It was a call for all Miquetoasts of the world to stand up and unite - after all, to be above this is so '90's....


- DJ Koze is an internationally respected DJ, producer, remixer, musician, label manager, a creative all-rounder

- Stunning Re-Release of his 2005 masterpiece formerly released on Kompakt on vinyl again!

- Marketing and promo via the Pampa Record newsletter (45.000 receivers +) and social media facebook / myspace / twitter etc.



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