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Square Lane EP

Square Lane EP
Label: Dirt Crew
Nr kat.: DIRT094
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Uncle Buck.mp3
  • a2 Problem Child.mp3
  • b1 Uncle Buck (Brame Hamo remix).mp3
  • b2 Neck Of The Woods.mp3


Always on the scout for the freshest talent, Dirt Crew Recordings breaks into 2016 bringing together a couple of our more recent discoveries, Loz Goddard & Harry Wolfman for their all new ’Square Lane’ EP. Relative newcomer, from Manchester and London respectively, the pair in fact debuted on our label in 2015, on independent tracks ‘The Schrew’ from Harry as a collaboration with Laurence Guy, and Loz’s solo jam ‘That Same´Thing’. Straight up vibes on the groove stricken ‘Uncle Buck’, a no questions asked dance floor weapon and a testament to Loz & Harry’s ability to bring together the finest samples, synths, live percussive elements and a whole lot of soul. ’Problem Child’, gets a bit sleazier, vocal cuts and swirling keys ease us into a broken beat throw down in the break before thrusting us back to the mercy of the straight up four to the floor swing. On the flip resident Dirt Crew Recordings producers and all round top blokes Brame & Hamo came to the table with a funked out version of ’Uncle Buck’, enlisting Brame’s brother to jam out the smooth stepping live bass for the remix. Rounding out the pressing ’Neck of the Woods’ has a blissed out melodic quality, coasting along with a sunny energy and and just the right amount of cowbell, while the digital only offering, ‘Sundays’ is soulful and shaking in the deepest sense, those bass licks and key riffs definitely give us the feel of this very special day of the week. Uniting on this EP Loz Goddard & Harry Wolfman are a sign of things to come in for Dirt Crew Recordings. We have a lot of huge plans in store for the year ahead already and look forward to a massive 2016 filled with music.



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